Attracting new and retaining old customers is the top priority for any small business.

  • Gift cards are a good tool for businesses.
  • Not only do they guarantee that customers will spend the money at your store.
  • Have the potential to attract in new customers.
Gift cards are a good marketing tool

Example - Gift Cards as a Marketing Tool

  • Restaurant owner had too many empty tables.  So he looked into different ways to advertise.
  • Television and Radio commercial’s – way too expensive.
  • Newspaper advertising – nobody reads the paper.
  • Email blasting – lacked the email addresses, the few he had got flagged as spam.
  • Direct Mailers – little return, thrown out as junk mail.
  • Ordered 100 pack of gift cards, put $10 on each card.  Had two of his employees go to a local food store, and handed out as people where coming out. 
  • The next day the restaurant was packed, people spending $20, $30, $50.  Not only did he recoup the cost of the cards, he made a nice profit.  Plus he packed out his restaurant.
Gift cards are a good tools to get new customers

Gift Cards sell more Products and Services

Gift cards provide the customer the added value of having control. They can decide what to spend the funds on, and how much to spend.  Giving you the business owner, the ability to up-sell products or services. Chances are, your customer might be new to your location, but can become a regular based on the personalized shopping experience.

Loyalty cards are a good tool to get repeat customers.

• Birthday
• Congratulations
• New Home
• Baby Shower
• Back to School
• Graduation
• College Expenses

• Promotion
• New Job
• Wedding
• Anniversary
• Thank You
• Charity Event
• Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

• Christmas
• Easter
• Valentines Day
• Mother’s Day
• Father’s Day
• Grandparent’s day
• and many more!

Loyalty Cards to Encourage repeat visits

Gift cards can also be used to reward customers for their purchases. If you have a loyalty program, you can give a gift card after they’ve spent a certain amount. Can also run promotions where you give customers a gift card for xx% off their purchases. Both promotions create goodwill and encourage customers to return to your business for future purchases.

Gift cards are a good tool to get new customers

Gift Cards can be Reused

The best part is that most plastic gift cards can be used with your current POS system.  They can even be reused; making it possible to use each gift card multiple times, lowering the cost per card.

Gift cards can be reused

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