4 Benefits of Being a B2B Sales Agent

4 Benefits of Being a B2B Sales Agent

Being an independent sales associate has advantages for people that have an interest in a career in sales. This type of job allows an individual to reap the benefits of working in an industry while keeping control over their time, plus getting support from the company they work with. Here are four key benefits of being an independent sales associate:

Limitless Income Opportunity

Income potential of an independent sale agent varies depending on how much you sell. Being an independent sales associate opens your income potential. If you’ve got the qualities that make a good sales associate and have the right support from your company, there can be no limit to the amount of money you can earn.


Self-Employed (with Support)

Independent sales agents work primarily on their own, they have contracts with companies to sell their specific products or services. This arrangement gives you the best of both worlds. You can be your own boss and make decisions about the job without having to consult someone else or deal with the stress of running your own business. But remember that some companies offer more support and guidance than others. Be sure to check out your agent agreement closely to see if this professional relationship will work for you.


Independent b2b sales agents have control over their career, especially when it comes to scheduling. Rather than commuting to an office every day, they can work in their living room.  When it’s most convenient for them and arrange meetings with their clients, and when the time is right for everyone involved. This flexibility makes it easier to achieve a  good work-life balance, which is a great advantage for someone interested in working from home.  Plus whether they have families to take care of or they simply prefer to work from home.


Tax Benefits (the cost of doing Business)

After checking with your accountant, you may be eligible for certain tax deductions. Including computer, telephone and internet expenses, client entertaining, vehicle expenses plus transportation costs.  The secret is keeping accurate logs and saving receipts. You should also consider yourself up as a Limited Liability Company corporation for further deductions.

Becoming an independent sales agent is a great career for those who want to work for themselves because it’s more than just a typical office job. You have the power to set your own hours and work as often or as seldom as you want—and earning as much as you want or need.

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