6 Qualities of Effective Salespeople

6 Qualities of Effective Salespeople

Ask anyone with a background in sales, you probably know that it’s not for everyone. Therefore, people who tend to be more successful share similar characteristics. They relate well with merchants and can quickly understand what each prospect is looking for in a product or a service, as well as being able to convincingly overcome objections put forth by prospective customers.

Consultative Selling

As a consultant you are identifying the needs of your client, and then suggesting services or products that meet those needs. Consultative selling focuses on helping your prospect (rather than helping you to make a “sale”), it’s more natural and intuitive.

6 Qualities of Effective Sales

Showing Confidence

Have confidence in yourself and the product or the service that you’re selling. If you don’t believe what you’re saying, a potential buyer won’t, either. Though some people are naturally self-assured, others may need some time to build up that confidence after they make a few promising contacts. Whichever category you fall into, remember that without confidence, your chances of making a sale decreases dramatically.

Setting Expectations

After the initial greeting and building rapport, the next step is transitioning into letting the merchant why you are there.   Telling what you need and what is going to happen.  Laying out the ground work before you sit down to discuss their situation, this will help transitioning into the close.


There are people who automatically withdraw from a conversation when they find out you’re in sales, even if what you’re selling would actually benefit them. Effective sales agents don’t give up right away. Sometimes it isn’t the product that a buyer connects with at first, but the person he or she is interacting with. Display confidence and enthusiasm while you’re sharing your knowledge, and don’t just walk away after the initial refusal.

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Handling Objections

Nobody likes objections, but in sales it comes with the territory. Bottom line objections are OK.  They tell you what additional information the merchant needs in order to be ready to make a decision. When you encounter an objection, first validate the concern. Then isolate the objection. Once you get discouraged, it can be difficult to pick yourself up and move forward. The key is not taking someone’s dismissal as a personal attack on you. Most of the time, a rejection has nothing to do with you. The buyer just wasn’t interested in what you were offering or you just caught them at a bad time. Additionally, some people have had unpleasant experiences dealing with salespeople, like being ripped off or lied to. Your goal is to simply offer them a better experience.


Patience is the flipside of persistence. Often people won’t buy from someone they don’t trust. The only way to earn that trust is to build a relationship. This takes time, but it’s worth the effort. Not only are you more likely to make a sale, but your new relationship can also lead to lots of referrals, which can help grow your book of business.

Assume the Sale

The Assume the Sale Close is the best way to transition from presentation to application. You are most likely to sign a deal on the first showing.


Emotion and urgency are always the highest from the momentum you have built.  Remember, the merchant did not request that we come in because they were interested in getting a new provider. We asked them to take time out of their day to hear what we have to offer. Therefore, take control of the sale and help the merchant make the right decision. 

You are more than 50% less likely to earn the business on a follow up than the first showing. If you don’t get a decision on the day, give your audience time to think about things. But don’t leave this open-ended. Your chances of a successful sale drop dramatically if you don’t get some kind of commitment from them. So, as you’re finishing your pitch, set a specific date or time to speak with them again. This will also give you the opportunity to tailor your pitch if required, based on any issues or objections they may have.

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