How to be a Successful Credit Card Processing Sales Agent

How to be a Successful Credit Card Processing Sales Agent

Any sales agent who has been in this industry long enough knows that the key to building long-term success is boarding new merchants and keep the ones you sign up. Because you get paid every month based on the volume and transactions your merchants process, the more merchants you have processing, the higher the residuals. It’s not nearly as easy as it sounds, but it can be done.  The most successful agents can earn $30,000 – $40,000 and more per month in recurring income. It takes hard work, determination, sales acumen, and even a little bit of luck. In order to increase your likelihood of success, consider following these helpful suggestions.

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Knowing Your Merchant

Being a great salesperson isn’t just about being persuasive, it’s about being on top of everything that’s going on with the prospect. In preparation for initial contact with a potential customer, researching the internet and collecting all relevant information. 3-4 bullet points about them and their business. At this point, you are developing your sales presentation and tailor it to your potential client’s needs. Building trust and finding common ground with your prospect.

Making a Friend

Building relationships is key to learning your customers’ needs. The best way to build rapport is to use questions that show interest; then, listen closely and respond appropriately. Whatever you learn about the client in one meeting can always be used in future meetings, especially with the growth of the internet and social media. The strength of the client rapport emerges when the connection continues after the sale is made.

Value Based Selling

Value Based Selling is not about talking, it’s about listening. When most people think of sales, they imagine a pushy, smooth-talking shyster whose sole priority is to “close the deal. The best salespeople focus on asking good questions that quickly expose the need while presenting MPX as an attractive solution to that need.

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Have an Impact Statement

Opening Sales Statement helps us establish ourselves as a problem-solver and shows that we create value and return on investment for our clients. Always be honest with your prospects. Don’t lie to them. They already know you’re there to sell them something so just tell it like it is.

Find a Personal Connection

Look at the pictures on the wall, is the merchant a fisherman, do they have kids, do they like to work on cars? Have you or a family member every shopped in the store before? Do you frequent one of the surrounding businesses? The goal is building trust; selling and making yourself creditable.

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Setting Expectations

OK, Mike, let’s get to the reason why I am here: I am going to find out about how you are currently set up by filling out our merchant questionnaire. I’m going to take the questionnaire, along with the processing statement you promised the appointment setter you would have available.  I’m send it in to our Certified Rate Specialist.

They are going to work up a 100% accurate proposal for you, showing you exactly where we can save you money and how we can impact your bottom line. While they work up the quote, I will tell you about all the tools we have available that will help grow your business, putting more and more money back into your pocket.

Once we receive back the proposal, we will review it together. If everything works out to your liking, we will complete the application together. How does that sound?

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