Not selling a Product or Service, we’re providing Solutions.

Merchant Pay Solutions

Merchant Pay Solutions as a full service merchant service provider. We provide our clients solutions to operate their businesses more efficiently.   Proven methods that can reduce fees, generate more revenue, attract new customers, and expand consumer loyalty.  Perhaps most importantly, creating a better customer experience!

processing Solutions

One of the cornerstones of making businesses grow involves payments from your customers. Better processing is the-solution with lower rates, faster payments, and happier customers. Smart thinking comes from knowing how customers like to pay and giving them reasons to come back. Today customers want to pay on their terms, different types of credit cards, debt, or cash. Payment solutions affect your bottom-line, your relationship with customers and your sales.

cash discount solutions

Cash Discount Pricing allows an incentive that a merchant offers to their customers to pay with cash. Similar to Gas Stations, the options you pay for gas. The Cash Discount Program allows Merchants to pass along their credit card processing costs to their customers for the convenience of using a credit or debt card.

terminal Solutions

Merchant Pay Solutions mission is to make this whole system as simple as possible for the merchant. One of the ways is to make it easy for others in the process. A smart terminal allows owners to run their business better.

The Clover terminals make Merchant Pay Solutions unique in the credit card industry.  We focus on providing better solutions not only to save money, but to generate more revenue, and ways to grow.

smart application solutions

The Clover Market App Market was created with the goal to get paid, sell more and run your business better. The only market of its kind. Uniquely created for small businesses. With over 150 applications, it’s like having an entire staff working for you, at your fingertips. It turns your Clover terminal into a multi-tasking machine.


A merchant cash advance is an advance payment against your business’s future income. The merchant cash advance is a lump sum of working capital, which is  automatically repaid using a percentage of your daily credit card receipts.

The percentage that is paid is referred to as the hold back or retrieval rate. This may be anywhere from 10% to 30%, depending on the size of the advance, business’s credit card sales and repayment period. Repayment begins after the funds are received. Terms are normally under 24 months.

marketing Solutions

Gift cards provide the customer the added value of having control. They can decide what to spend the funds on, and how much to spend. Giving you the business owner, the ability to up-sell products or services. Chances are, your customer might be new to your location, but can become a regular based on the personalized shopping experience.


A business strategy is a guideline design to reach a specific goal for your company. According to Henry Mintzberg, in his book, “The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning”, points out that people use “strategy” in different ways.  Strategy is a plan of action getting from here to there. Strategy is a pattern in actions over time. Strategy is a position that reflects decisions. Strategy is perspective that is vision and direction. Strategy is the course we chart, the journey we imagine and, at the same time, the course we steer, and the trip we make.

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